Anyone use this C++ open source project?

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(Last Updated On: March 19, 2019)

Some dude sent this to mistaking me for the author of this C++ open source HFT project. Anyone ever use or try it?

Some video links here

Do realize a few things about these type of open source projects:

1. As compared to building from scratch with Python, I find complex C++ and Java open source are more confusing to implement.

2. They also become very ‘hairy’ to maintain where you waste more time getting sucked into rabbit holes. I have seen dozens of folks get caught up in this as they have spent literally years being wasted on to build a framework that seems to go nowhere for them.

This is why I am able to bang out modifications in my own Python framework which I built from scratch. You can build your own by clicking the Python course link below.

Modification yesterday results in

I have transferred over the same logic from my winning Minute by Minute crypto currency strategy bot to the world of both CFD and Forex from Oanda. . There is lots of activity and nuances I am finding for both asset classes. As a result, I am posting these on my private chat server my customers who get access. I don’t think these notes will be up forever. I will be posting my findings there as I tweak the parameters for both asset classes.


As I hinted yesterday, all my ‘secretive’ videos I have posted in the last week will be privately moved into my Elite section which is for my highest paying members. They get access to it all. You can get more details here if interested.

As I have mentioned about the Python course, the same trading logic I mentioned in there MAY work for other asset classes including Forex and CFD. We shall see but here is the info you may want on the Python course

Thanks Bryan



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