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(Last Updated On: February 16, 2019)
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This absolutely incredible stats but it appears that the equity curve slows down as time marches on. As being no expert in this field, I cannot explain it but I am sure experienced portfolio.

Here are some detail stats:

Sharp of yearly 2.11 total return since inception 223%
Cagr 223.9%

Does look right ?
Here is the Facebook Live video which is below

Here were some video comments and responses:

Lanz Chan · 0:00 What are your spread settings, your trading server, etc parameter assumptions?

QuantLabsNet · 0:00 No spread that i know of and it is my own set up software wise. I don’t talk about parameters sorry there.

Lanz Chan · 0:00 QuantLabsNet Ok. Without realistic spreads how will your bot work

0:00 Lanz Chan as said. i don’t see spread nor measure them. it seems to be a non issue

QuantLabsNet · 0:00 also, do you refer to spread between exchanges? I use binance

QuantLabsNet · 0:00 Lanz Chan i hope this helps Spreads are tracked here and can be around 0.2%-1.5% with a lot of the variation driven by the currency pair you’re trading and when you’re trading it. Generally, pairs that are traded more frequently should see lower spread…See More

The Costs To Trading Crypto…

Follow up from yesterday’s milestone email

NEW LIVE Automated CRYPTO TRACK RECORD with win ratio of 90% roughly

Why? This is to set a new ‘industry standard’. Why allow egotistical/type A run their mouth when they don’t show their DAILY track record. Trading Win ratio is 85-90% generally. First, they cannot do this for a variety of reasons:

  1. They could be scammers or putting our crud.

  2. Even if they were good, they most likely cannot do this b/c their back end infrastructure don’t allow it Or they are just ignorant not to be able to figure it out.

  3. Or they have not strategy or trading process that actually produces the win Ratio this crypto trading bot/strategy gets

See the latest track record here

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Why am I doing it?

Simple. To set up new standards of an industry of either ignorant ‘trading gurus’ who may have something to hide. Also, I have enough confidence that thing bot/strategy actually works. It has been getting a 85-90% win ratio for profit EVERYDAY! I have been testing this for 2 months now very successfully! I have that much confidence to freely post this for anyone who wants to follow this.

Why crypto?

I have numerous example videos of why I prefer to trade only in crypto. Here is why

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Analytics service seems to work now forex and soon CFD

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