OpenBSD on a laptop with better desktop environment

(Last Updated On: February 2, 2019)

This would be a fun geeky way to build a Linux/Unix/BSD based desktop environment

A comment found one

Heath Riley
Bryan Downing — I know I’m late to the party. 🙂 You can install KDE/Gnome/Mate/Cinnamon/i3/Awesome/Openbox, and so on, on OpenBSD. That’s the default you’re running there. At their heart, the BSDs are shipped as a Server OS, but they don’t get in the way of letting you run a Desktop Environment or Window Manager. The default is a Window Manager, and is about the lightest-weight GUI you can run. Here’s a guide on running OpenBSD on a laptop with cwm: https://www.c0ffee.net/blog/openbsd-on-a-laptop/ Here’s OpenBSD and Mate (a Desktop Environment that has a decent ‘Mac-Like’ optional theme) — https://youtu.be/XmMlE5QVJ08

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