NEW track record coming! Billionaire hires manager for family office

(Last Updated On: February 7, 2019)

Family offices are such an ‘in thing’ where one of the big 5 Canadian banks wealth management divisions are set up in the same way. I tried to find the latest performance of this David Berkowitz but failed. Anyone got any dirt on his track record? News on new track record is below.

Here is the article in question


I also hear that Steven Cohen’s Point 72 family office ain’t do so hot either.

Automated track record is coming soon!

Anyhooo. I am hoping to post the automated track record report on my website soon. This will be a game changer in setting new standards so folks don’t need to be duped by egomaniac and alpha male/frat boy trading gurus. In this automated day and age, there is no excuse NOT to post your stellar performance every day. It also should front and center on your website for people to see. This is another way you should have as a tool to measure if the trading instructor is as good as they say.

Details to follow in a few days.

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As said in the above link,

This is why I will be charging premium for my services.

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Thanks Bryan


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