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Interested in these services before the prices go up?

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Here is a video for the answer on these questions

Questions from someone on this stuff

1. Is it possible to create a low exchange between two forex brokerages?

I doubt it. Check on the different rates via brokers found on Tradingview. It is just too tight now. I do see some slight opportunity with crypto exchanges depending on the coin.

2. Plus I do not have 300K to start.

300K for what? I have $300 in my crypto account to start

3. I’m teaching myself C++ so I can get a automation system done.

I find C++ is far more complicated but that is why I use Python. It is much easier and faster to code stuff up. Also, my current course shows folks how to do this.

4.Do you have a schematic on designing a arbitrage system between tow forex brokers?

No nor would i be interested in doing so. My current crypto bot has a winning ratio of 90% so why would i waste my time in other efforts. Average daily returns are 8% for the last few weeks

5. The price of your membership at this is how much?

The current Python course is $250 but will go up at least 5x-10x early next week. The last live class is on Monday. My Analytics is $97/month but that will go up as well. I will be announcing new bundles at that time too. Here are the sales pages but these need to be updated next week:…/quant-analytics/…/python-algo-tr…/

6. Can we have a telephone conversation once I pay the membership.

Sure or better yet I have a new private chat server for this sort of thing

7. Most of your video goes over python but its not as fast as C++ so I was wondering why do you promote that language?

I have figured ways to eliminate computer processing with Python. It lightens the amount of time my Python scripts minimize the computer utilization. I explain this in various live videos I did last in the last 6 weeks of my Python course live engagements. I find C++ is overly complicated to implement and maintain. I have found techniques to eliminate this as this is explained in my Python course.

8. I should have the membership paid by the end of the month of February.

Sounds fine. I ain’t going anywhere.


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