Programming numerical trading methods in Python

(Last Updated On: January 28, 2019)

There are so many free courses to learn about Python and numerical trading analysis. Here is one example


The question is: How do you apply this to your trading?

As we all know, Python is a very versatile language. I already posted in the past in how Google’s new Tensor Flow 2 will focus on this language with even GPU (graphical processing unit) processing.

Do realize that this current LIVE Python trading infrastructure course covered many of the these topics a few weeks ago. I even covered how to use this type of technical analysis for effective algo trading a few weeks ago. Who knew? Starting tonight, we get into a week’s worth of crypto learning including the amazing wrapper to connect to over 130 global crypto currency exchanges.

Just remember we are doing live sessions every Monday and Thursday until the third week of February.

As all this content comes together, I want you to jump into while you can! We are just past half way in this LIVE course but you can always catch up regardless of your trading or programming level. People seems to like the style of how it works. The price will definitely go up after the completion of this course.


Python Algo Trading Infrastructure with Crypto Currency

Also, the recent testing of my real time signals have produced 121 positions since Friday Night. The strategy is running at a 82.2% win ratio with a total of 10.91 % return. The entire crypto asset class has been severely down so those numbers are pretty decent. I will be moving the new code into the Linux to see how it runs. I also need to add the new nightly reset code as well. Too many changes happening all at once but it seems pretty stable.

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I am readying this ‘level’ for you try out. As I said last week, very few people will get access to this new service for the highly success crypto trading strategy I explain above

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