Learning Math For Machine Learning And Artificial Intelligence Programming

(Last Updated On: January 30, 2019)

After the author of this article stated about machine learning:

I’ve found that many online courses say you don’t need much mathematics fundamentals to be a programmer, but inevitably, even in beginner courses, the underlying math was important to understand what was going on.

He turned to Khan Academy and a tutorial service call Yup. I can say the same when you start your journey on machine learning.

Here is the article I mention here


A great Quora response for a similar question:

As a wall street quant, how deep do you understand the mathematics behind quantitative finance?

One thing that happens in Wall Street is “argument by mathematical intimidation.” So someone hands you 20 pages of greek formulas, and you have to understand the math well enough to go through those 20 pages, and say “this is crap” and explain to an MBA with no math ability why those equations are garbage.


Which way do you go? Is the underlying math all that critical to understand machine learning? Let me know.

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