Merry Xmas to all but crypto currency market not so strong today

(Last Updated On: December 24, 2018)

Merry Xmas to all but #crypto #market not so strong today

I did a 3.5 hour private webinar yesterday highlighting the hot crypto currency pairs. It seems that they will continue returning decent profit for that followed. It was about 12 with 3 doing really well. The usual suspects showed some decent in the most decent reports of 36 hours.

Crypto currency

win/loss ratio% :

total Rate of Change % over 36 hours :

3.2973211976097 <– total return for all positions 38 positions

I would still be very happy with this since it 3x the daily goal of a dinosaur human trader. Just remember it is considered a weak day compared to 12%+ we usually got inthe last 7 days!

It has been as very down market with only one crypto showing profit which is Tether just with barely an up move.


I am looking at around Dec 27 to double or triple the current price. It starts LIVE Jan 7/2019 so which is for question and answer only. The faster you get on this, the faster you will have a running platform platform with source code you own.

We are only 3 days away for this price increase!

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Python Algo Trading Infrastructure with Crypto Currency

BONUS NOTES: As explained in this Facebook Live video, I explain that I am looking forward to 2019! I am building:

  1. An exclusive trading forum for all my members and ‘special guests’ who are influential for a variety of reasons. It will be based on privacy and secure.
  2. Weekly TV show to be streamed on Facebook and Youtube to talk latest algo trading trends and technology


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