mad money made with EOS ETH crypto pair in a severe down market

(Last Updated On: December 18, 2018)

Mad money made with EOS ETH crypto pair in a severe down market

This system has done sort of well with this crypto currency pair. Here is the log below pls the 1 hour and 24 hour move:

name per_chg_1h per_chg_24h symbol
3 EOS 1.92 29.61 EOS

As you can see, this coin is the current #1 move on an hourly basis. Cool but check out the 24 hour: up 29.61% !!!


OrigCl CurrCl PNL ROC
0 0.026569 0.000139 0.000139 0.523166
1 0.026436 0.000025 0.000025 0.094568
2 0.025646 0.000007 0.000007 0.027295
3 0.025883 0.000125 0.000125 0.482942
4 0.026639 0.000106 0.000106 0.397913
5 0.026535 0.000015 0.000015 0.056529
total PNL:0.000417
total ROC:1.5824132329204

I am up 1.58 % in less than 2 hours which is pretty good. I could go play go afterwards if I wanted!

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