Is forex worth it compared to lower risk better performance in crypto currency?

(Last Updated On: December 6, 2018)

Man, forex could be a waste of time. I look at the usual fast movers that involve ZAR (South Africa) or TRY (Turkish Lira), the RSI spikes but you will see the various timeframe which quickly move against you. Also, the rate of change is very small as in < 0.5%. Is it worth the risk with these unpredictable or volatile behavior? For instance, if you want to get an up move of 1.5 (vs 0.5), you would need to add 3x leverage. With this in mind, it shows that the risk is very very high with low probability. As compared to crypto with gets you easily 1% up moves with no leverage, it makes more sense to get better performance with much lower risk. Even compared to commission fee of retail forex brokers, crypto currency exchanges are so marginal that it makes it more worth it to focus on crypto.  I may do this soon as forex is becoming a lost cause with all the reasons I am stating here.

Remember I am using Binance as the crypto exchange and Oanda with forex.

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