GUI with local Python Django on Visual Studio Code or Pycharm vs C++ Qt or WxWidgets

(Last Updated On: December 5, 2018)

This was a mess to get a real time chart using Chart Director. To get a graphical user interface, I must this was turning into a real hassle with C++. Qt version 5 is still too restrictive on the run time licensing end. Also, I find their IDE Qt Creator is just a beast where I really don’t want to use it. I even tried local Python with some moderate success.

I then tried using the open source edition of the CodeLite IDE with wxWidgets, I have had moderate success with this combo. It seem to get running on a Mac is not worth pursuing as it is way too old.

I then thought of trying the latest PyCharm Pro edition with ChartDirector and Django. Oh man, this is thing is a beast , They assume my package manager with my Python interpreter version 3 was using pip. I am actually using pip3 but to change that was not possible. You would think this was easy by justing adding the local Python interpreter. Pycharm did not recognize my local Python 3.6 but only found 3.1. When i navigated to the Python 3.6 to choose within the creator of the project, it would finally rconginze all the local Python packages. It took forever to load. Complete crap and not easy to play. Plus they want me to pay for this thing as it for the Pro edition.  Forget it!

I then had some moderate success with Visual Studio Code. It is these URL that make it much more possible:


OMG! Half the tutorial actually worked. I can also say I have much better understanding and appreciation for this IDE. I see why people like it since I got it to work.

Then we can talk about Django. No no no. Working with this framework made we want to stop. This thing is really old. There must be an easier way to build a real time charting with Chart Director. There has to be.

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