Live intake: GUI with local Python Django on VS Code or Pycharm vs C++ Qt or WxWidgets

(Last Updated On: December 5, 2018)

A couple of details for you technical geeks out there who want to build an automated trading system. My Python scripts are getting crazy to manage so Ithere are better ways to manage them through a graphical user interface. I have 2 paths to choose which will my future live intake :

GUI with local Python Django on Visual Studio Code or Pycharm vs C++ Qt or WxWidgets


The other track is with Qt 5 Designer with Python which I got working:

Qt5 Designer builder does exist for GUI file to convert into Python


Which path would you be interested in doing?

There are ways to enhance my GUI with Python. I will be applying this to my current course:

Python 3 Infrastructure Blocks with Crypto

A live intake  will be starting in early Jan 2019. This may be my only one I will ever do.

Let me know if you got questions on that.

Click here if you are interested in this LIVE intake course and details


This will be extremely limited to a few people to keep the quality of delivering content high.

Thanks Bryan


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