SC ETH crypto alt coin and Gold only valid movers for Nov 24

(Last Updated On: November 24, 2018)

SC ETH crypto alt coin and Gold only valid movers for Nov 24

Once again, the crypto currency has bashed down. The only coin that is valid right now is Sia crypto  Coin but this changes very quickly. I guess another reason to get this Analytics service.

Forex pairs again seems to do well with USD NOK (Norway) and USD SEK (Sweden) as this proves as a defensive play. You can see that by the volume. Check out my video on my comparison of trading platforms and brokers/crypto exchanges. 

As for CFDs, the UK 10 Year Bond gets whipsawed so stay away. It looks like Gold is safe and maybe even Gold/Silver ratio swell. The best index barely is Hong Kong 30 so that looks like the one to watch as a safe haven.

I have added a whipsaw table now which is the former fast moving negative one. It is the same as a whipsaw. I also plan to put the charts in the reports section which you need to download.





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