Asian markets forecast: Hong Kong and Australia could continue after USA performance

(Last Updated On: November 26, 2018)

With the addition of these new charts and expanded instruments on each, I can clearly see what is bubbling under as a potential mover. This can be said potentially with sugar and soy within the CFD world. This of course is assuming if the Asian markets turn negative tonight. If they do continue from today upswings in the USA, you can clearly see which ones the top potential performers which includes Australia and Hong Kong. We can only assume all this of course.

In terms of Forex, it seems to be quite mixed as USD HUF drove huge volumes for some reason. If I was to spend time to investigate I could easily see the reason why, Norway and Sweden continue to do not bad in a predictable way today. Also, as the Asian markets were opening up, it was quite evident Japan Yen was playing a influential part in the cautios optimistic sort of way.

Crypto is random

As for Crypto, there are some winner but they ain’t the large volume players like Bitcoin or Ethereum. For now, it is tough space to invest but let’s see what happens with whipsaw list as it should help in eliminating in bad potential trades.

There are lots of relationships being defined here but it would be wise to watch these a few times a day to see them. ALso remember Binance provides the Crypto while Oanda provides CFD and Forex.

Remember to see how Oanda seems to dominate as the global broker with this video here

All data can be seen in the Analyics service referenced here

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