xlq 6.3 introducing xlq2 for Microsoft Excel with norgate data

(Last Updated On: October 26, 2018)

This is from the vendor of this powerful software if you want access to various market data source. This includes Norgate data


xlq 6.3_2 is available for download from https://www.qmatix.com/XLQ_Download.htm

To learn more about xlq2 please visit: https://www.qmatix.com/xlq2.htm


This release has many new features, including 3 new sources (Norgate Data, IEX and Tiingo), a new subscription level and new data engine and well over 100 new formulae.


Introducing XLQ2


In addition to xlqPlus, xlq is now also available  as a new fully compatible data engine offered under a new subscription level called xlq2. Xlq2 has been in development since 2011. It was designed to handle more data and to allow for more to be done with the data simultaneously laying the groundwork for many new possibilities. Xlq2 is provided under a different license, requiring a valid license to run. xlqPlus will continue to be developed under the same pricing and licensing as before. Making use of the new engine, new data views etc. xlq2 supports 2 new data sources, Norgate Data (subscription) and IEX (free), with both bringing tons of new information.


Norgate Data brings a new level of reliable analysis with data back till the 1950’s, can be processed as adjusted for splits, or adjusted for splits and dividends, or unadjusted, or all 3 at the same time. Allowing you to work with delisted symbols, detailed dividend data, as well as with historic constituent information. In addition to covering US and Australian Equites and world wide indexes they also cover futures, forex and economic data. Their Norgate Data Updater manages the data on your computer. In addition to the historic data, over 150 extra data fields covering financials / fundamentals etc. are also available. (Norgate Data offer a free trial with limited data).


IEX data is free (historic and real-time snapshots), covers 5 years of data but brings many values previously unavailable including historic dividends, splits, earnings and financials, along with around 40 extra fields such as short interest, float, insider % etc.


COM interface has been updated to fully support xlq2. New request functions xlqHistString, xlqHistString1 and xlqHistNorgate have been added to cover requests returning string values or requiring additional string parameters.


There are around 50 new AAII custom  fields calculated on existing values and included in a new ‘xlq aaii custom formulae.xlsx’  with xlq2 (can also be applied for quarterly / yearly values).
It includes calculations such as for Net Operating Assets, Excess cash, NOPAT, NOPAT return on invested capital etc.


New views are available within xlq2 to cover the dividend data etc, as well as a NorgateData view offering quick access to their underlying data. A new historic period view allows for historic data to be viewed for multiple symbols for a specific period (day, week or month). Also for dividends or earnings for a given month. Filters may be applied to different columns.


Xlq2 remains fully compatible with all xlq functionality and all xlqPlus sources are also available.


If you would like to try xlq2 before upgrading or purchasing send me an email and I will provide a 3 week trial key.


Until the 31 December, a 50% discount will be provided to existing xlqPlus users allowing to purchase an upgrade for $70 instead of $140. (Enter XLQ270 in the discount / promotion fields when upgrading.) If you no longer have a valid xlqPlus license but wish to purchase xlq2, you may use the same discount code when purchasing and the $70 discount will be applied to the new license.


xlqPlus and xlq2


Tiingo is now available as a data source. Their data is either free or subscription depending on what and how much you need. In order to begin using Tiingo in xlq, you would need to have registered with them (free) and enter your token into xlq (via preferences). They provide real-time snapshots and historic data (adjusted for splits or splits and dividends back till 1960’s) covering US and Chinese equities and funds. They also provide cryptocurrency data (possible to view historic data covering only transactions for a specific pair).


IQFeed’s latest protocol is supported (requires iqconnect or later)


Interactivebrokers, new preference setting for historic data to include or exclude extended trading hours. Separate setting for intraday backfill. (previously they were combined).


Yahoo new preference setting to ignore dates with 0 volume (other than indexes)


Supports CoinmarketCaps new interface (Since releasing this interface they have now chosen to stop supporting it as of December and have introduced a new pay for API. Given their change of policy and fees they demand, coinmarketcap will be removed when their current api stops working.)


Google has been removed as a source as they are no longer providing any download data.




The website is now hosted on its own servers so there would be a performance improvement. It will also have a new SSL certificate, and the whole site has been moved over to being encrypted using https, including for crash reports. As a result crash reports from old versions will now be rejected. (crash reports from old versions are of little use due to code changes. It is recommended to use the latest version as the crash has likely already been fixed). The problem where larger crash reports fail to upload has also been eliminated.


I have now partnered with FastSpring for all order processing. Their secure processing, offering more local payment choices, is now better integrated with a more modern and sophisticated interface, allowing you to see pricing in local currency with taxes before selecting the order pages, as well as being able to choose to include an additional, or 2 additional years of updates with your purchase.

Also within xlq from the About dialog, you can now click renew (or upgrade if applicable) to go to the order page with your registration name and code pre-filled (with the information currently in xlq on your computer) avoiding the need to find the information beforehand.




Note: If your license has expired, you will need to renew it in order for this new version to function. Before downloading and installing you can verify your license by right clicking on the Q in the task bar (while xlq is running) and choosing “About”. If the “Good for updates through” date is earlier than the release date, you should renew your license from this page: https://www.qmatix.com/XLQ_Purchase.htm. If your license has expired and you would like to purchase a new license to work with the latest release, please contact me for a discount.


This version requires Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable version 14. 15.26706, which if not yet installed will automatically be downloaded and installed. In such a case the installation process will require an internet connection and a reboot.

If the runtime libraries are not already on your computer, you could alternatively install them from the links on the site.


If you visit the site and do not see the new download, your web browser would be showing cached pages. Click refresh in your web browser (pressing ctrl at the same time if needed) and your web browser will show the latest contents.


Please email me (leov@qmatix.com)  or reply to this email if:

  • You would like to receive notifications when beta versions of xlq are available.
  • There is anything you would like improved in xlq, or any feature you would like to see.
  • You no longer wish to be notified of new releases.


Thank you for your continued support.





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