IMPORTANT NOTICE about this Algo Trading Analytics service

(Last Updated On: October 30, 2018)

We are coming down to the wire until MIDNIGHT tonight my local time for the lowest ANNUAL Analytics service. I have included 2 separate videos to show how unique the returns would be if you followed this service. I just want to highlight the REAL value of this as I added asset classes of Forex and CFDs with Crypto Currency. This enables you to take advantage of shorts and/or long opportunities across these asset classes in near real time.

Remember tonight is the deadline for this valuable service.


1 Join my private Telegram group reserved for driven automated traders! .

People ask about my Telegram group which usually is reserved for invite only or who join my ELITE service. There are some incredibly driven and technically capable people that I would love to get you in touch with. I will gladly give you an invite to this group which has NEVER been offered before! .

2. Get INSIDER INSTANT ACCESS to my Analytics and Live broadcasts to analyze optimal trading opportunities in REAL TIME.

Instead of being focused on overpriced/‘race to the bottom’ education service or shallow analytics service, I am transitioning QuantLabs.net into a data driven company with a wide global view of the markets. I am also planning to add LIVE events for my PRIVATE members! That might happen daily but definitely multiple times a week. This could even include weekends for crypto markets never close. Got questions, ask me as I answer fast! I want you to be a happy user to reap these benefits!

Why miss out on this?

Seriously, I am determined to make both my ANALYTICS service for traders and ELITE (for programmers) the best on the planet. I want to see you get results and instant returns to cover this low expense on an annual basis.

Can you imagine the results?

If you just followed my advice, you could have been up from 4% on two positions alone I mentioned from today. Did I not give you 4 short opportunities last night? This includes 7% down for China 50 CFD with 3 combos of Hong Kong, Australia, and Japan at 4% each? Check out the webinar video I posted last night!

Check out the recent videos from my Youtube channel!

JOIN NOW for instant access

Introduction to quant analytics 2 for 1

GET more info via watching the videos below

Quant Analytics


Thanks Bryan

From Facebook Live


2 hour webinar

NOTE I now post my TRADING ALERTS into my personal FACEBOOK ACCOUNT and TWITTER. Don't worry as I don't post stupid cat videos or what I eat!

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