Highest potential most for profit in crypto currency

(Last Updated On: October 24, 2018)

This is very helpful which shows the highest profitable potential in near real time. The data provided is hourly with a new chart as described in this video. All crypto currency comes from Binance

This is a very useful chart but I have checked regularly which means I can find the accurate trading opportunities in the fastest moving crypto currency pairs founds on Binance. Remember Binance is the world’s largest crypto currency exchange.

You will find all thesw charts now currently being served up on the updated Analytics Dashboard. You can join here on a monthly basis. See below how to sign up right now!

Not only that, I have added the latest batch of reports in a ZIP file. Here you can find highly fresh reporting of automated deep technical analysis on the best trading opportunities. This is based on daily data with various reports showing different filtering techniques. This include volume or trend/momentum.

Also, I am starting to add the Oanda forex and CFD data today for even more asset class signals. This will be spanned across forex, and CF split into financials, commodity, and stock indices. Financial include Germany’s Bund, US Gilt, and USA Treasury As expected, if things work out, I can tell you the price of this Analytics will be going up quite a bit as these Oanda data will add more value to the current service.

Thanks Bryan

Quant Analytics


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