Data Chart Shows What sector is Responsible For Our Current Bull Market

(Last Updated On: October 9, 2018)

Data Visualization Shows What sector is Responsible For Our Current Bull Market

This visualization is great to show you where most money is being made in which market sector. As for the latest sector, you can clearly see it was Info Technology. Some call it FAANG which includes Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google. It also allows you to clearly see what sectors do well based on the changing regimes of global stock markets. I am very fascinated by this so it helps to know where to deploy capital for an optimal portfolio.


Using Analytics to become a solid trader to forecast opportunity

The Analytics now has the ability to track best of research from Bloomberg. I always tell newbies that this is the best process to learn when it comes to enhancing your trading skills. In fact, I say it is essential! Why spend literally thousands of dollars on ‘gurus’ who do the same thing to teach you the same skills? Do the same to save to dollars but spend it on the time to understand the nuances of the markets. This is also covered all across all asset classes globally.

I have a special section dedicated in my Analytics section for this analysis. As my 4 minute showcases, you get a links to the research and even a custom video for it.

Just as a note, I have removed the $100 discount. I am still holding a ½ price of sales until Thur or Fri this week. This means you can get an annual ANALYTICS subscription for half price.

Get immediate access here


>>> https://quantlabs.net/mkt/introduction-to-quant-analytics-2-for-1/ <<<

I will assess the new updated price after the expiry date!

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