Analyzing markets today to forecast for tomorrow based on volume filtering

(Last Updated On: October 31, 2018)

I will be doing more of this type of analysis. I mostly focus on CFD and forex looking for patterns and relationships. I think i found some but it would be great if I could automate this whole process. I feel volume will be a big factor for executing orders if the instruments have low volume. As I have shown in this video, it seems Oanda does not update price moves if there are not another order.It seems to throw off the charts so I need to address in the Analytics service.


I also talked about the strategy course which I put below. This will be one sale for a vey limited time swell which will close off in a few days.


Zero to Hero limited course on sale which closes in a few days

Intro to Evolution of Zero to Hero Algo Crypto Currency Trading Strategy Course

Join the Analytics service here

Quant Analytics



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