WEBINAR Debugging your log for algo trading patterns with crypto currency asset class

(Last Updated On: September 9, 2018)

I have reversed yesterdays topics. This event on Tuesday is becoming more crucial in my recent success in the down market of the crypto currency asset class

I have an important event for my Quant Elite members on Tues regarding debugging you trading strategy with logs, I thought I would make a last offer for those interested in this event. I don’t think I will even record as it is meant for ANNUAL FULL ELITE members. If you are interested in knowing further about this, get in touch with me right away to be included on the details of this. It takes place this Tues Sep 11 6pm Eastern Standard time¬†

I just posted this yesterday.

I have put together a 20 minute video describing the wild losses of yesterday my system picked up. It was apparently one of the worst days for the crypto currency asset class in about a year. As a result, I made some huge improvements which looks like I may have resolved. I even offer some debugging tips to help out here. As a result of this, you may want to check out this video here.

As said, if you are interested in this event for Tuesday, get in touch right away to make your arrangements to be part of this. This is a topic that not many talk about but as a programmer, this point of view gives you a unique perspective in trading for big profit!

Thanks Bryan

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