Python’s Popularity Outperform JavaScript Eventually

(Last Updated On: September 25, 2018)

I would love to see this happen. I just find working with Javascript is so wonky and is only single threaded. When I look at the advantage of using Python over Linux shell or bash language, it seems to be more convenient to stick with that methodology. Transferring variables and data frames from one function to another is highly convenient. I hope to this happen sooner than later. Also remember it is predicted that Python will be the most popular language within the next three years for that.


Moving on ….

Your Trading Idea Into Automation

I have now the Quant ELITE Trial to be at $497 with access 3 courses to get you started on building out a algo trading system.

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I have added last night’s webinar to to my Python V3 Infrastructure Building Block course.

Introduction to Your Quant Analytics Trialfor 7 Days

I have been adding some really useful reports that are now part of the Quant Analytics. The 7 day/1 week trial is still going for $37. So check it out here:


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