Morgan Stanley Offers Bitcoin Trading Strategy, Following Citigroup and Goldman

(Last Updated On: September 29, 2018)

As I am figuring out the right way to get some decent daily trading moves with this trading strategy, it seems I am not the only one who has figured it out. The big banks want to get involved to. Should I worry? No but I am hoping to make further derivatives of this thing in other asset classes like CFD or forex. Here is that article.


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I talk in this 24 minute video regarding timing on potential profit each day for this crypto currency trading strategy. It seems this will help either retain profit or excel losses. This test will confirm my theory. I have talked to many successful trading about this and it seems they use similar techniques. It is something most newbies would never understand that shutting down an automated trading strategy would be useful. It just comes down what trading profit goals you set each day. That will depend on your overall portfolio goals but all of these points need to be considered to be successful. Hope this helps.

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Note that I will report the results sometime next week instead of my usual Monday nite webinar.

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