Why Markets are Worried About this US Yield Curve

(Last Updated On: September 17, 2018)

The yield curve is essential to measure the health of the overall USA economy. It also proves the forward guidance of the US Treasury which impact the currency markets which filters down to stocks.

I have shown this in one of my courses but few people actually take it seriously. The nice thing is this yield curve is forward looking based on pure macro economics and fundamentals.


I just posted this earlier today:

Insider pro lessons learned video for Crypto algo trading on Sep 17

I cannot type what I talk about here but there are quite a number of gems I have never publicized before. This is an important 30+ minute video. I especially highlight you do not need to trade 24/7. If you set a certain target of daily percent moves against your overall portfolio, you can easily reduce risk by overtrading. This takes place in both up and down markets for the crypto currency asset class.

There are lessons in this 30 minute video

Please watch this video with all the others I have highlighted on Youtube channel at youtube.com/quantlabs.

If this planning does take place, it will become a critical piece of my Quant Analytics service.

Quant Analytics


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