What makes CFA a cutting-edge certification in finance?

(Last Updated On: September 18, 2018)

This is an important standard as I have found there a bunch of ‘advisors’ who they think they know everything about financial management. This person has a portfolio which is reached 7 digits. When you look at the jokers out there claiming they know how to manage people’s portfolio, it is a complete disaster. I randomly picked various stocks and ETFs that literally did not move since the beginning of the year. You should compare this to the performance of S&P 500 up 8.8% year to date alone. This customer’s profile was also charged 1% management fee as an insult as well. Seriously? WTF!


So what do you do? CFAs can help distinguish these loser from the winners as a minimal standard. Non CFA fools who cannot pass the three exams will weakly say these advisors are still managed by the local government. Here in Ontario Canada, I know stock brokers who got busted by inappropriately pumping and dumping investors capital which went into his pocket. Was this stock broker scum busted? Yes but he got simple slap on the wrist and was back at scamming more people at another broker six months later. This is how weak these local regulators are which have no teeth. This really annoys me as you can tell. Seriously, look for a CFA as a minimum standard when looking for a financial advisor. This would also include a tax expert as well.

Other highlights which are true from the above article includes:

  1. The material is constantly updated so as trends emerge, emphasis can be added to certain areas and as certain topics fade, they can be de-emphasized. So in that sense I guess you can say it is cutting edge.
  2. It is a globally recognized standard, so anyone with this  designation, no matter where they achieved it can be considered a true expert in the field of investments and finance.
  3. It is extremely difficult to achieve, so anyone passing all three exams and having the qualifying work experience to achieve the charter signals to a potential employer that they are very smart and very driven. It is sort of a shortcut for employers, as long as you are a good cultural fit, you can very likely do the job.

The other folks commenting negatively are most likely those who are weak who failed in the CFA exam process.

I am no CFA but what can I do

As for me, the latest round of system testing seems to meet my minimal standards. I expressed this in a video below about this. Now I will focus on building a tool which can shut down the system once either the daily/session trading goals are achieved or panic alert button. Find that article here which was posted yesterday:


Thanks Bryan

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