Where did the least-square come from? Good for machine learning?

(Last Updated On: September 25, 2018)

Where did the least-square come from?

Math is key sometimes to math. Guess what? I find the simpler, the better. If you know your difference between an simple moving average or a weighted average, you should be ok. You don’t need the complicated math as far as I can see. The complicated quant can be important for processes like machine learning, it can take you much longer to find the result.

Check out this article



Use market data different from your broker or mt4 or tradingview

I got this question via Facebook Messenger:

Hi Bryan, I have read https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A07CBHXq75A I was wondering, are there any codes on github where one could execute an indicator from MT4 or Tradingview via Java, or instead of executing orders, receiving buy sell signals via sms from an MT4 or tradingview indicator, via java, on an sms? How would you construct such indicator?

My answer is in the video but in a nutshell: always use the market data of where you trade or submit orders.

Everything described is in this future.

Also, in this video I addressed the changing situation of brokers due to their Python API support. One example is how Dukascopy seems to become irrelevant since more people want machine learning in their trading. It seems they seek Python for this. You can find all these answers towards the end of the video.


I teach this in my Python course


Thanks Bryan

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