Intro to C++ Programming – For beginners to help machine learning

(Last Updated On: September 4, 2018)


This programming language is the fastest out there which is used widely in the banking and algo trading fields. It is also quite popular in speeding up machine learning techniques.


Java is not the way for algo trading and machine learning

if you are into Java and machine learning, you might want to hear what Saraj Raval who does a popular Youtube channel, he says that Java is an old language which he dislikes. He also compares it to when you learn first programming languages in your computer science class. I sort of agree considering where we are in the industry.

As an example, you could look the Alexa.com stats for Dkkascopy which has dropped from 30k to 45k roughly over the last year. Why the drop? I believe it is because the only API available for DUkascopy is Java with JForex. They may want to add Python at some point.

Speaking of Dukascopy and Python, you could check out Oanda’s ranking which is at 3.9k roughly since they added Python a few years ago. Also, they are much more popular than Interactive Brokers (12.2 ranking on Alexa) which has an added wonky Python support but still have C++ support as well.

C++ is the future vs Java for sure when it comes to machine learning and algo trading.


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