Coinbase wants Crypto ETF with Blackrock

(Last Updated On: September 19, 2018)
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As a bunch of recent Bitcoin ETFs were rejected by the Securities Exchance Commission, it seems Coinbase has gotten more desparate to get a legitimate player like Blackrock involved. They are one of the largest asset managers on the planet.

Here are some highlights of this article: `

An early pioneer of the ETF market, BlackRock is renowned for its popular, low-cost iShares family of ETFs.

Bitcoinist recently noted that BlackRock had no interest in becoming a crypto fund issuer itself. Its CEO Larry Fink recently said the firm’s clients have not expressed interest in the $300 billion market for digital currencies and crypto assets. He referred to Bitcoin as an “index of money laundering.” It seems BlackRock will solely be advising Coinbase in its ETF endeavors.

A Bitcoin ETF has been viewed as a next step in gaining legitimacy as an asset class and could lead to the entrance of more institutional money into crypto markets.

A special note about Coinbase from my experience. At this point, don’t bother trying to use their Coinbasepro exchange. There is a little volume and will not work if their entire crypto currency selection is down. I would figure 50% of the time is that.

Another down crypto currency asset class day with minimal losses


This video is to show how you can have an algo trading system that take few bumps in the space of crypto currency asset class. The problem is you need to keep those to a minimum when you watch this video. As I keep saying recent videos, you need to minimize this or even eliminate the risk of these losses. As I mentioned in this video, you need to have a potential shutdown mechanism which puts your system to sleep for a while. You may need to wait it out instead of fighting falling knives in a particular asset  class. I am find I using my ‘risk on risk off’ signal more and more with no seeing myself depend on this new capability. It seems many pros use this as a way to protect their daily target percent moves or event daily profit target.

Are you the risk kind

Why take the risk of loss in a losing battle when the crypto currency asset class goes south for a while. I will tell this asset class is very volatile where it is in the extreme down but 12 hours laters, it is back up. Strange I know but you can make profit if the crypto currency asset class can come back within a few hours.

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