This algo trading system could make me a GAZILLIONAIRE

(Last Updated On: September 5, 2018)

This algo trading system will make me a GAZILLIONAIRE

Look at all the profit I making on each positions

CRITICAL:root:****close/exit trade for ELFBTC_1536027219 at closing price 6.23e-05
CRITICAL:root:Profit made 0.000001680000000


CRITICAL:root:****close/exit trade for THETAETH_1536026311 at closing price 0.00039328
CRITICAL:root:Profit made 0.000015040000000

CRITICAL:root:****close/exit trade for ELFBTC_1536026311 at closing price 6.23e-05
CRITICAL:root:Profit made 0.000001680000000

CRITICAL:root:****close/exit trade for ELFETH_1536027219 at closing price 0.00158246
CRITICAL:root:Profit made 0.000051790000000

CRITICAL:root:****close/exit trade for THETAETH_1536027219 at closing price 0.00039328
CRITICAL:root:Profit made 0.000015040000000

What do I do with all of it?

This is updated at:


I have recorded a 90 minute video from last night’s topic of which include items of:

Here are some topics for the event

Understanding your own coding is most predictable. I have many folks who lost thousands dues to bad programmers. This is what I have experienced among folks like yourself.

  1. Here is what I will cover to build your ‘baby algo trading system’:
  2. 1. It depends on your asset class and broker of choice.
  3. 2. Sample way to download data with 3rd party solutions ranging from Excel to Java ion source source scanners.
  4. 3. How to use a Python package to do quick analysis using a popular technical analysis library
  5. 4. Analysis the results to assess trading order decisions
  6. 5. Which brokers with packages to execute orders

I also covered questions of

1.) What Python packages are needed?

2.) IQFeed vs using IB data- does data need to be stored in a database ? How does this work in general . Is tick data sent to database?

3.) Calculating indicators and storing them in database? In general how does program access calculated indicators?

4.) How does Python read database? How does data get from Program to Interactive Brokers and vice versa?

5.) how do I create a screener – and get those tickers to automatically trade? (example would be picking the top gainers of the day)


Here is are the latest modules I have added to my course called:

Python v3 Algo Trading Course Infrastructure Building Blocks’



Module 12 Advanced Items

These are items that are used for crypto or general trading use

Unit 1

Automated watchlist and position manager

Unit 2

Python Forex Brokers

Unit 3

Demo of building baby automated trading system bot

The last module in Unit 3 is the latest I recorded from last night. I added the description of:

This is an 1.5 hour demo of building an Automated Trading System or trading bot <100 lines. Source code is included. Note that is demonstrated for Crypto Currency asset class but I also went deep into various other asset classes including forex or equities/stock.

You can purchase this course here.





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