What top quant grads make on Wall St? Huge 20% upper moves on crypto!

(Last Updated On: August 8, 2018)
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Note the big upper moves I found on my crypto analysis below

Who are the top paying quants? What do top PhD grads start earning at hedge funds, investment banks, or high frequency trading shops? It seems some can be making up $400k all they way up $500k. Check out this article here.


I can also speak of two more additions

As I was doing my usual daily scanning in the crypto currency asset class space, I was blown away to find a 20% up move on a particular pair found on Binance. I have never seen that kind of move before.


As this article says, I will be testing these upper moves for a couple of more days. If things continue on a positive basis, I see no reason why I cannot add live trading next week with portfolio optimization. As a result, I will only be posting all my files in the Analytics sections of the site. This includes charts, spreadsheets, Word documents, etc in there.


Speaking of Analytics

I have posted a new video to showcase in a slide presentation on the benefits of this membership. You an always join here if interested.

Quant Analytics


Lastly, if things continue to show upper moves on a consistent basis, expect this price to move up a little bit to justify it’s value. I will also be adding forex and CFDs shortly after using the same strategy I have highlighted over the last few months.

Thanks Bryan



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