Probability & Statistics for Data Science Series with crypto currency pairs

(Last Updated On: August 1, 2018)

If you know me, I have spent quite a bit of time with Khan Academy. I found it the best resource to learn about any form of math. As the behind the scenes of math is important for any data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. I am dumbfounded some think it is ok it be a data analyst with out understand the math behind the routines they use. I call that the blind leading the blind. One can apply this logic to  crypto currency pairs as I do in my current analysis.

This article will introduce you to a high level math requirements you will need:


Also, I still find this guy one of the of the best online resources to learn general Machine Learning when it comes to Python programming.


Python Course Pricing Re-adjusted

I just doubled the price of the Python 3 Infrastructure Algo Trading course, This includes fast moving crypto currency. If you did take advantage of this, you will note that I managed to discover high 12% intraday  moves across 3 crypto currency pairs. This was in a severe down day with only 2 profitable crypto currency pairs out of 100+. There were others with 800+% but there for tiny coins coming off an ICO.  Always remember initial coin offering can be highly manipulated but I may focus on those down in the next few weeks. It reminds of how Timothy Sykes does his penny stock teaching

If you are concerned about pricing, I just posted the the more affordable but older Python 2 Infrastructure course without the Crypto currency.




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