Interactive Brokers Python support is still useless but here is my workaround

(Last Updated On: August 29, 2018)


I am still frustrated by the low level Python support for Interactive Brokers. Check out these current options



I find none of these 3rd party options are very good. They are not intuitive with weak tutorials. Also remember that these Python packages can be abandoned like ibPy. That is not a good future. Also I found the current native Interactive Brokers native API Python support is low level which means a lot of work. I recorded this for my Facebook Live:

The includes a comment of the API still too slow.

Note that there is $20US/month fee for accounts <$2000. Also, there is access to historical or real time data under this amount so IQFeed may be one of the options you have. Once your account >$2k, you will have access to all market data for free. This is for individual accounts so there are different fees for advisor accounts.

More criticisms

Interactive Brokers 9.72 has native Python API from algotrading

I find my course in the Elite is most predictable since I can use Redis as the message queue between my Python scripts with a Java listeners for the orders. This seems to works ok as described in my course of

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One the positive side, the IB Trader Workstation (TWS) software has not changed in any way to support API calls.

To circumvent the data problem if you go with Interactive Brokers without the required funding level, i am revisiting IQFeed for MacOS or Linux market data.

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