Installation Redis On Windows 10

(Last Updated On: August 30, 2018)

One of my recent new members to my Elite membership,  he sent me this article on Redis for Windows which is not a Microsoft build like on their Open Tech solution:


Benefits of true popular open source NOSQL database

I have tested the most recent version which seems to be version 2.8 which contains the necessary HSet and HGet I use for my Python scrips. I will always stress to keep all of this on non Windows as it does not perform well on the operating system. Many packages I use don’t work on it very well but no problems on Mac OS.

Here is the non Microsoft way to build Redis on Windows

View at Medium.com



Lastly, always remember I use Redis is TRUE open source and will always be. There are lots of innovation in this with a great community. Even commercial Redis Labs does some interesting things as well.

Open source Android with NO Google tracking

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