Hitchhiker Tips on Effectively using Python NumPy Arrays

(Last Updated On: August 30, 2018)


I posted an article  which became popular in my Facebook programming group. If you read this article, it focuses on Python Pandas arrays. This is no different with other lower level languages like C++, C or Java, arrays, These served their purpose so yes read this article here. This article can also help you get on a path to building your OWN algo trading system


Convenience of using data frame structure instead

Once you start working with more convenient data structures like data frames, you start to see how your coding becomes more expedient. This is very handy if you like to see your data structured no different than a spreadsheet like Excel. You can quickly run basic math functions on columns which is very handy. It is no wonder I am addicted to my style of coding within Python. Di you know I have a entire set of courses to introduce you learning how to build a primitive algo trading system? Check it out here:


In fact if you are interested about building your basic algo trading system, get in touch as I can lead on  path to build one I can put you on a path that can get you building with in a few weeks! 


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