First glimpse of fully automated trading system in crypto currency

(Last Updated On: August 30, 2018)

First glimpse of fully automated trading system in crypto currency

Here it is. Everything seems to be working end to end on this system. I can capture some incredible moves of 5% in less than 15 minutes.

Some further discussion found on my private Telegram group:

… let me build the thing so i can focus on metrics. sharpe ratios are useless as they are only used in industry. what matters is your winning ration of all open positions…

what matters is what goes into your pocket. my hope is to get 66% winning ratio so i can leverage and scale position sizing from there…

i can easily open this up to well over $10M if i wanted but i am not willing to take on that kind of down side potential

Apparently running afund is a full time job You raise money and don’t get to trade anymore.

That’s why partners are needed who have a great network….

that is correct with lawyers breathing down your back

f**k it


course and quant analytics with live demo of trading charts and Python source code

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