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(Last Updated On: August 20, 2018)
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I run 2 Meetups which focuses on algos and automated trading. I have set a new Meetup for Sept in Toronto at our usual spot. You can get the entire details here:


Also I am setting 2 webinars tonite:

Ask me anything about crypto

Monday Aug 20 7PM EDT

Ask me anything about this topic on crypto currency trading. I will do my best to answer what I can on the spot LIVE on Facebook


Intraday positions manager and watchlist

Online via

Monday Aug 20 at 8:30 EDT

Details on new architecture for intraday positions manager and automated watchlist
This is only available for my Quant Elite member

Detail for this event for Quant Elite members

Join here

New update watchlist and position manager coming soon for automated trading with new  algo technique

Note: I have removed all public access to these topics which are not part of my Python Infrastructure Building Blocks 

Latest video here in how on I am splitting up my Monday night lived duties

Lastly, tonight is my definite last night for the trial offer I have been promoting since last week. Get that here.

I will not be offering this again!



Over the next day or so, I will be applying an SSL certificate to the site This means it will be secured and can be trusted for purchases. This has been a long time coming so read below to see the details and impact. You get the benefit of building altos and automated trading!


As a result of this installation, I will be hold a temporary sale for my new membership level of the Quant Elite 2 month trial. I will be doubling the offer from 2 to 4 months at the same price of $497


After this sale ends, it will go back to publicly and permanently display $750 for 2 months. So do the math:


Over the next few days, you will be paying $497/4 months which is $124.25 per month for the same access.


After this offer, it goes back to $750/2 months which is $375 per month.


NOTE that this offer will never be this low ever again.


You get the exact same access of:


Bonus Interactive Broker Live sessions from my Course of 2 videos totaling 6+ hours


Python version 2 Infrastructure Building Blocks (useful for building a primitive Automated Trading System from scratch!)


Detailed units include


Python C++ Trading Infrastructure Building Blocks

Unit 1

Popular Programming Language Overview for Algos and Automated Trading BB


Unit 2

Why Python for my algos and automated trading BB


Unit 3

Setting up your Python environment BB


Unit 4

Why Python Introductory Programming Resources and Environment video and material BB


Unit 5

Intro overview of MongoDB open source NOSQL database BB


Unit 6

OPTIONAL Intro to Redis for highest performance in your algo trading BB


Unit 7

Interfacing with Interactive Brokers TWS with Python and other demos BB


Unit 8

Market Data Source with Yahoo Finance BB


Unit 9

Pretty trading charts with Matplotlib and PyQtChart BB


Unit 10

GUI Front End Customization with Qt Designer BB




Dukascopy Visual JForex and API Java forex programming Dashboard


(note that Dukascopy does not accept US residents for live trading)


Video 1

intro watch me first

7 minute video on introduction of this series



Video 2

Detailed walkthru of Visual Jforex scalping webinar strategy

45 minute walkthrough of Dukascopy webinar.

45 minute walkthrough of Dukascopy webinar. Details for it found here



Video 3

Detailed walkthru of Visual Jforex supply and demand webinar strategy

20 minute video on supply and demand Dukascopy webinar


Video 4

Demo Of Backtesting With Dukascopy Visual JForex For Forex Algo Trading




>>>>> You can get this offer here:



Details with videos here:

What topics you want covered in upcoming CRYPTO CURRENCY BITCOIN algo trading course in Python ?


NOTE I now post my TRADING ALERTS into my personal FACEBOOK ACCOUNT and TWITTER. Don't worry as I don't post stupid cat videos or what I eat!
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