20% intraday XLC BNB crypto currency asset class move is craziest yet

(Last Updated On: August 7, 2018)

This strategy and report seems to be work quite nicely against the crypto currency asset class space. Last week, I reported a 12% intraday move but today was the highest. It was for XLC BNB with 20+% move within intraday. That is big! As I say, most portfolio managers would be happy with 1% move all the time. It seems that these trading ideas seem to work constantly over the last few weeks. It does not matter even if the crypto currency asset class space gets crushed for the day. I can always find some profitable move among the 300+ crypto currency pairs. Crazy thing about this crypto currency asset class.

The 25 + minute video reveals all the data!

NOTE: This 20% move is meant to be XZC (z coin) not Z Cash!

As a i mentioned in the 25+ minute video, Binance Coin (BNB) is currently the strongest crypto coin out there. It has been confirmed to be the case for all of 2018. In fact, it is now in the top 20  crypto coins by volume according to Coin Market Cap. It is also used as one of the stable or base coins Binance uses in their pairs which move the most. Tether is the other among Bitcoin and Ethereum. I have also proven somewhat you could add the hot coin to trade against these big daddy coins as well. It seems to double down or even triple down your trading opportunity if you stick with Binance. Always remember they are one of the largest exchanges globally volume over the last few months as well.


Here is the video.

Note that if things continue with my reporting and analyzing on a positive note, I will have enough confidence to say: let’s starting live trading now.

If things continue, I see now reason to keep my Quant Analytics service at the current price as well. I just even raised my ELITE service by 50% as of today as well. If it works,, people pay since it becomes more valuable.

Quant Analytics


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