Are these potential cryptocurrency pair market conditions worth noting

(Last Updated On: July 7, 2018)

I tried my reports as explained in the past few weeks. This include various market conditions that I only came across 2 pairs of interest. I may need to develop a watchlist script that will place orders when conditions are met.

Market conditions for an order

As with no difference in a pair trading, you need to use a benchmark to compare your crypto currency pair against. This will be BTCUSD (Bitcoin/US Dollar) as that is the grand daddy in this asset class. If you have followed me years ago, I I use indicators like Beta for those outperform the benchmark. We can place a market order using position sizing from my portfolio optimizer I have demoed numerous times.



Only Samples for download

These files attached are the only samples I will include to see both my big crypto currency trading report as well as my spreadsheet.

These sample files will be generated DAILY from within the Analytics service

Intro to massive report for automated crypto currency trading

Downloadable file samples



NOTE I now post my TRADING ALERTS into my personal FACEBOOK ACCOUNT and TWITTER. Don't worry as I don't post stupid cat videos or what I eat!

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