Overview of backtrader with Python 3 for a complete algo trading system

(Last Updated On: July 7, 2018)
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There are numerous part of this video but I try to explain how to install backtrader which I got running on Python.This can also be used in conjunction to build a out a complete algo trading system.  This project clearly is growing quickly to replace Quantopian and maybe Quantstart. It is 100% in Python with some great example Quick Start guides to get you up and running. I am sure the community is up to par by now.

Oanda? Really so here is why ?

Also, I explain how I may go back to Oanda( ugh and yuck) as a quick and easy gateway for forex or CFD trading. This  project will ease the intro to a forex algo trading system with 100% Python without the complex extra process of including Java with the JForex platform from Dukascopy. Also, it seems American residents really only have Oanda as the only remaining choice to use Python. It sucks I know but this includes the huge market interest for using the 100% Python option for an algo trading system. Just remember Dukascopy does not allow USA customers so I can only use Oanda for now. My opinions of Oanda has not changed. I just wish there was a better option to implement.

Also, the Python backtrader project support Oanda and my eventual migration to Interactive Brokers for eventual options/futures. Always remember this asset class is used by institutions and is recession proof as well.

Spoiler alert

To save you time, I also tried to install a GUI project built for backtrader called Omega UI.


Most of the video focuses on this attempt but this project clearly needs a tutorial or document to get it running. This portion was a chunk of time wasted so don’t bother.

Note: I plan to only use backtrader for the broker connection only as explained above. I don’t plan to change the strategies I have been working over the last number of months

I will be adding the productive learning to my course as explained below

New course!! Building Python algo trading system with Bitcoin an crypto currency focus









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