Meet well-known algo trading expert Ernest Chan! Backtesting video course

(Last Updated On: July 14, 2018)

I got this posted on my Facebook group recently:

Meet well-known algorithmic trading expert Ernest Chan at  Quantor!
His Backtesting video course is on the Quantor online educational.


I am not sure if this course is unique to his own books or online courses. As for this new algo trading learning platform, it becomes another among many. There prices are fairly low but like many, they teach various techniques to build algo trading platforms and strategies. It seems like a race to the bottom among them including what I do. I do think that educational services will need to step up with real live trading communities. Not only that, they will need to also certify the results which will become an expectation.

As a the highly success marketing mentors tell me, I learn from, many want to see results not tools how to do it. As said, many will need to see certifiable trading results. This will become the next standard which means people will need to buy at high premium prices. This is the direction I plan to go.

Here is what I was working on lately if you missed it:

Let maximise our crypto currency asset class trading positions with portfolio optimization

This 15 (approx) minute video showcases my portfolio optimizer which I have shown before. Do realize this can be applied to any asset class. You can always search on my Youtube channel for ‘portfolio’ as hinted in this video. The idea here is to showcase you could triple your expected return by using the appropriate strategy type with proper optimally weighted positions. This is all shown in the video. I would say this is one of the biggest reasons to automate your strategy and trading. No human can do this if you were to allocate a higher number of positions across multiple asset classes for the day. You could even run this script every few hours if I wanted to allocate positions every X hours. I would have to feel pretty lucky to do that.

Look back matters among other parameters to consider

Do understand your analysis look back also matters depending on your overall asset class performance. As of now, crypto currency has taken a major beating so it might be wise lower the loopback to let’s say 7 days vs 30 as shown in the earlier part of the video.

Note that this can be used on any asset class based on the historical performance of standard open, high, low, and close market data. I use Binance exchange which only allows long only but could also include portfolio strategy methodology of Markovian Long/Short, Markovian market neutral, and Markovian Market Neutral.

Let me know what you think of this.

As usual, this will be part of the Quant Analytics service to enhance your profits so see below if interested
Thanks Bryan




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