Intro to crude position manager for crypto currency algo trading

(Last Updated On: July 20, 2018)

Intro to crude position manager for cyrpto currency algo trading

This video focuses on a crude ‘position manager’ which I have shown many examples,  I say crude, this is because there are so many bugs still in this. There also so many various conditions  to factor in but most of my focus will be in this area. I would think this part of the entire will be the most valuable as it will:

  1. calculate the up and lower range of current (or original) price +- a multiplier of 3 * average true range. This is will be the range that states with a equivalent of of a virtual trailing stop.
  2. calculate up and lower range of current price  .+- with a multiplier of 1*average true range.

This is fully explained in my video.

Note that I do stress this is theoretical with the ranges explained above.

How to protect your account with this virtual position manager

As you know, I like using this method to protect your account especially if your broker/exchange has a market making division. If you signal back your stop losses, your broker/exchange can prematurely kick you out of a potentially very profitable trade. With this virtual way, you can pretty well guarantee this will not happen as many brokers are corrupt in manipulating your trading potential. I have many videos on this exact topic.

This position manager will have some very helpful into on the latest info on your pricing targets once your positions is put on. This will be very useful if you plan to use the Analytics service.

Thanks Bryan



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