Finance Professor Predicted Bitcoin Will Emerge as Digital Gold

(Last Updated On: July 18, 2018)

Finance Professor Predicts Bitcoin Will Emerge as Digital Gold

The headline is pretty well a little rich. I mean Bitcoin or the like really does have a future. I just did my first transaction but I feel more secure using these methodologies versus traditional deposits in a bank or a broker. To be honest, I feel more comfortable doing this now with no need to have permissions to do this via sending photos for government compliance. Serious WTF? Here is the article but let me know what you think.


Here are some hint I can offer in my latest video to show you how I converted cash to Bitcoin which ended in my crypto exchange of choice. This does cost 10% as a transaction fee so I would never recommend a high amount you cannot afford to lose. It just goes to show it can be done. Also, understand I can automate my trades as well since I can now verify my LIVE trade orders.

Here is that link.


Just remember this will now be part of my Quant Analytics service against a LIVE account found in Binance! Do you know other services offer this instead of just pure education?

Thanks Bryan

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