Deep Learning in Finance: Most effective methods for returns and portfolio construction

(Last Updated On: July 11, 2018)

It seems that deep learning has been questioned when it comes to financial modelling. A decent article came out from a WorldQuant. This Medium article covers how to improve your forecasting using both in and out samples. It also covers:

1. Return Prediction comparing ARIMA, VAR, Deep Regression, Convoluted Neural Networks, and Long Short Term Memory.

2. Portfolio Construction with deep learning and deep index.

Get more info here

Overview of backtrader with Python and GUI project

I also tried to implement a GUI Python project that sat on top of backtrader. It seems I did not get anywhere after an hour. Sorry for the spoiler alert but you can learn how to install backtrader by watching the first part of the video.

That is here with helpful links

Lastly, I have managed to put up the purchase button for my Quant Analytics service which will be frequently updated with all the Crypto Currency reports I have been working over the last few months.


Gold Price Forecasting Using Python Machine Learning

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