Death of the Low Grade Data Scientist

(Last Updated On: July 15, 2018)

In this DataScienceCentral.com article, it is said that Data Science is officially dead. There are so many tools and education, it makes yourself a true data scientists. I can also relate with the amount of free MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) that make the learning as if it was some low grade commodity. There is even talk how formal high level education is worthless. Some students are even being encouraged not to learn the underlying math of the model or machine learning methodologies. From what I hear on the senior trading researching side, many of the students get laughed out the door during interviews. They also start swearing at schools for pumping out such low grade quality students? As a I just learned this yesterday, what the F is ‘discovery math’ they were teaching youngsters here in Ontario? They were not even teaching students anything about multiplication tables.

Here is the article regarding this subject


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No Webinar This Monday

As for the latest software developments, I was hoping to showcase some of the advancements I am making on the ‘watchlist.’ I have decided to separate this nerve center script in to two separate functions of market entries with market exits. We all know about the report, I am adding some more reliable indicators before trading entries can happen. As for the exit, Average True Range will always remain as the only indicator needed working no different than a trailing stop. Because I was not able to finish up the coding for a live demo, I am holding off until later in the week for one. It will be a last minute impromptu live session on my Youtube.com/quantlabs channel.

There would be a number of charts and spreadsheets that this new watchlist will generate. As usual, these files will become part of the Quant Analytics service.


I would also like to mention that you can expect some extra demo videos of how to use the crypto currency scripts coming. I will add these to the Python 3 Infrastructure Blocks with Crypto course. If needed, I will add extra months for the new content.

NOTE: Before I add this new content, I will keep the current price low but expect a significant price increase. Do remember this course is the backbone for the all current scripts I am running on the strategy I have been showcasing over the last number of months.


Thanks Bryan

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