How to be a Bitcoin blockchain developer to make you rich

(Last Updated On: July 10, 2018)

There is a new service coming which aggregates all the services of various crypto/Bitcoin exchanges. That can be found here.


On my Telegram, I followed up with:

Looks good but this is a new market. I am sure there will be new competitors here so I would like to se it mature. I can then place bets on the winning horse. As a result, I may wait it out for this. There needs to a better exchange shake up it may take a yr to define the new solid players.

Could Ripple replace Bitcoin eventually since institutional players are trying push this protocol?


Then there are the questions how blockchain developers have options to become potentially rich based on their knowledge:

Or maybe new industries as defined here https://hackernoon.com/become-a-blockchain-developer-and-get-rich-74712f1dd310

At this point it seems to be a battle to choose between ETH and BTC as the base

https://x-team.com/become-blockchain-developer/ and it could change in the near future. All wasted development if you choose the wrong one

Also, there are the anonymous/private/decentralized cyrpto currencies like this:

Or maybe a project like Monero could mainstream? It was banned by Japanese exchanges lately I think. It shows this where the radicals are focusing.

I know about your stance on eth but I like what makes $ in the crypto lair trading world.

If you Google search this: which crypto will be the next bitcoin

There is so much speculation as thought. The only one that will appeal is maybe Monero as countries clamp down on higher tax in the future.

I do believe BTC became huge due to the choice for the dark web. Now we have these choices https://darkwebnews.com/dark-web/darknet-cryptocurrency-zcash-vs-monero/

I have talked to many user groups years ago when Bitcoin was $2. It became popular as the underworld took a chance on it in terms of trust

Bitcoin’s backers have a more ambitious goal in mind. … Drug dealers were willing to take a gamble on the nascent currency because the upside of their transactions was so great that they could risk losing money if a deal failed to produce what the bitcoin buyers really wanted: dollars.May 15, 2013


Many mainstream technologies came out of the porn industry when they went online.

I am just saying the underworld is where a lot of innovation takes place. I see no reason why Zcash or mMnero would not go mainstream. It seems that is where I bet In The near future

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