Absolute Guide to Take Off in Machine Learning

(Last Updated On: July 25, 2018)

Absolute Guide to Take Off in Machine Learning

Here is another article I read along live on Facebook. Check it out here:


I find it quite interesting how there all these different terminologies and definitions of maybe the same thing in other areas like Math. This article clearly explains how Python is the dominant language if you want to use Machine Learning especially if you want to learn the libraries commonly used. I plant to use both Tensorflow as well as the usual ones you see me tinker around with.

Machine learning which does lead into deep nets as well as artificial intelligence which gets even more complicated. I will need to beef up my math skills from the many source I used including Khan Academy.

Let me know what you think about articles like this. Do you find they are helpful your journey into the new definition of what quant is becoming. I also do know many high frequency trading shops have gotten well underway with machine learning. What do you know?

If you want to jumpstart your Python with algo trading, try this


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