What the most accurate candlestick pattern for market reversal

(Last Updated On: June 25, 2018)


As explained in the past, I find this is a decent way to measure market reversal with these candlestick patterns. refer to these links

Reliable candlestick patterns for TA-Lib pattern recognition acts as a bullish reversal

How to use moving averages for potential market reversal in algo trading

These are the most common scan which SOME appear to be reliable:

Separating Lines

3 Outside

Marubozu (I will keep tit)

Matching Low


Inverted Hammer

I had to remove these patterns as I question the lower reliability potential:



There is nothing really nothing conclusive but I have filtered it down to 6 patterns that may ‘work’. Apparently these are more reliable and common according to thepatternsite.com.

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