Reliable candlestick patterns for TA-Lib pattern recognition acts as a bullish reversal

(Last Updated On: June 22, 2018)
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Highly reliable candlestick patterns for TA-Lib pattern recognition functions. You can work with these with Python.

Some of these acts as a bullish reversal. I have a compiled most TA-Lib pattern recognition with potential. Some are very accurate so I may test them in the easy programming demo I showcased in my last posting. Let me work with the ones that work instead of coding the Adam and Eve pattern. 

This is from

TA-LIB FUNCTIONS compiled reviewing

CDL2CROWS←-medium reliable

CDL3BLACKCROWS← pattern acts as a bearish reversal of the upward price trend and the overall performance is outstanding.

CDL3STARSINSOUTH<-Bullish reversal 86% of the time but rare

CDL3INSIDE←- rare bug highly reliable

CDL3OUTSIDE← rare but decent performance

CDL3OUTSIDE← frequent bullish reversal but very works well

CDL3WHITESOLDIERS← It acts as a bullish reversal 82% of the time,

CDLADVANCEBLOCK “near random” range of 51% to 59%


CDLBELTHOLD ← It acts as a bullish reversal often

CDLBREAKAWAY L← bearish reversal 63% of the time

CLOSINGMARUBOZU  ← (candlestick acts as a continuation pattern 55% of the time not so reliable)


CDLDARKCLOUDCOVER-let it form after break, it is useful


CDLDOJISTAR← maybe reliable if Doji Evening Star


DRAGONFLYDOJI ← can be ignored


CDLENGULFING ←sort of common



CDLEVENINGSTAR -highly reliable as market reversal

CDLGAPSIDESIDEWHITE -medium performance but maybe not effective

CDLGRAVESTONEDOJI ←nothing special

CDLHAMMER ←-highly respected

CDLHANGINGMAN←not so strong

CDLHARAMI← works half the time

CDLHARAMICROSS ← good potential

CDLHIKKAKE ← mid list performance

CDLHOMINGPIGEON← bearish continuation 56% of the time but realiable


CDLINNECK← bearish continue but works half time but highly listed

CDLINVERTEDHAMMER← very reliable for bear continuation

CDLKICKINGBYLENGTH← works half the time

CDLLADDERBOTTOM← works half the time

CDLLONGLEGGEDDOJI← not that reliable

CDLLONGLINE← more reliable

CDLMARUBOZU← slightly >medium reliability

CDLMATCHINGLOW←  bearish continuation 61% very high

CDLMORNINGDOJISTAR  ← decent performance and scores high


CDLMORNINGSTAR← not frequent but highly reliable

CDLONNECK← 56% reliable but higher priority

CDLPIERCING ← higher priority but not as frequent

CDLRICKSHAWMAN← medium reliability but higher priority

CDLRISEFALL3METHODS← very highly reliable bearish continuation but rare

CDLSEPARATINGLINES ← very reliable for bullish continuation

CDLSHOOTINGSTAR← 59% reliability

CDLSPINNINGTOP ← most frequence

CDLSTICKSANDWICH← bearish continuation 62% of the time

CDLTAKURI← it works  bullish reversal and it does, 66% of the time

CDLTASUKIGAP← not reliable

CDLTHRUSTINGworks best in a bear market, but suffers in a bull market.

CDLUNIQUE3RIVER ← works 60% of the time

CDLXSIDEGAP3METHODS← bullish reversal 62% of the time
















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