How to use moving averages for potential market reversal in algo trading

(Last Updated On: June 21, 2018)


I just recorded another video on moving averages. This includes the periods of 20 simple moving average, 50 simple moving average, and the longer/slower 200 exponential moving average. This is important to display my video showcases that moving averages that have a healthy divergence mean it has trends which you can trade. With my recent crypto currency in the video, you can clearly see the pair averages tighten up which makes it very difficult to trade automatically.  With these averages and my recent trend (watch  the video here), I am hoping to find this a workable trading condition.

Chart details

In the chart example of the video, you will find new indicators which includes momentum and Relative Strength Indicator (RSI).  I find momentum combined with the trends will tell an interesting story when they work. Don’t forget I can also use what level are generated by Fibonacci Retracement.  I also have a way generate the numbers for momentum using a newly discovered Python package. This can be seen here


I hope this helps as I start working on the Adam and Eve pattern to confirm market reversals. This also involves when a candlestick moves more 50% the next day after an opposing huge candlestick. The name of this line is Marubozu


Thanks Bryan

Using Fibonacci Retracement level for price target moves for support or resistance


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