Algo trading with crypto currency trading Texas style

(Last Updated On: June 5, 2018)

Algo trading with Crypto currency trading Texas style

Originally, this online Meetup was scheduled for last week where the audience was based in Texas. That never happened so I stuck with the name. Here was the description which focuses on crypto currency trading

I thought I would do my first LIVE stream on Youtube. I am hoping to build a Python infrastructure using the instruction of Python book from QuantStart. Let’s see what happens


This video was about 1 hour. I also talked about my latest discovered of crypto currency trading from last week.

New Combined parameters to use for optimal real time crypto currency trading

Lots of parameters I am using to combine proper crypto currency trading decisions for optimal profit return. I am showcasing the combination of this for highest returns when position are entered. This is important to watch to understand you cannot depend on one or two indicators. You may wonder why folks are losing money left and right. There are so many false positives out there for bad positions to go bad. Do understand these parameters can be used universally for all major asset classes. This includes crypto currency with Binance Exchange for my needs. Also, I am using Python to create these but I am starting to hit limitations with it.

More to read here if interested


It was recommended to drop the trend/linear regression to reduce the number of parameters. Also, there is a discussion of using machine learning linear regression to be added to these parameters. It sounds like it might dilute the accuracy of the results. As for me, t might be wise to play around with these new techniques in the near future as a form to experiment with. Also, I will keep everything simple as is listed above. I also want to move forward to actually fund a Binance exchange account to see what happens.

As a reminder:

Lastly, I just changed my pricing on the online store:


Python 3 trading course with components for algo trado trading infrastructure: $247


2 Month Trial for Quant Elite with an extra 3 weeks: $500


Annual Quant Elite: $4800 ← yes I jacked this up over $3400 with the future stuff coming!

(Hmm….maybe you should have jumped the deals I was putting out there over the last few weeks)


Go here if you are interested:




Thanks Bryan


Demo of automated head and shoulders with XRB BTC hourly crypto currency data from Binance

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