THIS IS FOR THE PEOPLE OF KAZAKHSTAN: market entry in algo trading

(Last Updated On: May 31, 2018)

This is for the people of Kazakhstan!! I got this note from someone there:

…Elite membershipe for 3 month. Cost  $697. But it is hard to me to pay such money. My salary is $500 – 600 per month.

If that is the case of lower monthly salaries, why not apply (for everyone globally) a short term temporary discount? Of course, this was inspired by this person in Kazakhstan so I want all those to take full advantage of this.

Get 3 month access (with an extra month) for my ELITE membership where you can find all the detailed benefits here.

(It includes 3 courses with some new additional crypto currency content I discovered which I found below. This deal saves you $400 with an extra month which is usually 3.That is in excess of $600+ savings!)

Get your deal by clicking here.

(let me know if you have problems with this purchase link above!)) 

Just remember I am only keeping this ‘Kazakhstan deal’ only on for a day or so! Just remember you better jump on this deal before the smart, driven folks in Kazakhstan exhaust it!

In terms of my crypto analysis, I can describe some HUGE events with videos to showcase my advancement in testing this crypto currency data. That is using over 315 crypto currency pairs which literally generates 4000+ charts in each analysis scan!

Yesterday I posted 3 videos which have helped my insight of the crypto currency market. All data comes from the Binance exchange. I created these videos which makes my case for running these charts/tools to help confirm trading ideas:

Analyzing 3700+ charts for crypto currency algo trading opportunity include ADA ETH LTC NEO

More to report after my last posting of crypto currency algo trading with BTC, I am now able to generate over 3700 charts of 3 time periods for 315 crypto currency pairs from Binance. Time frames include monthly (not a big fan), daily, and hourly


Auto head and shoulders with other indicators reveal some algo trading gems among 300+ crypto coins

This 1+ hr video reveals a lot using my recent automated head and shoulders in conjunction with the other indicators like Fibonacci, Moving Averages, Signal (from MA crosses), and Trend line. It looks like most crypto currencies are getting hammered lately but there is the odd gem in there.


Is combined bullish harmonic pattern and buy signal reliabe for market entry in algo trading

Is this a reliable combo for market entry in algo trading? I am more confident for looking for a bullish harmonic pattern with either an up arrow signal or a moving average cross? This looks possible but these are some of the more reliable combos I will look for to make this happen. You would also want to look for upward momentum with either the price above or approaching the trend line. Who know but this seems to appear to work reliably ?



Thanks for reading!

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